Difference Between Instant Pot and Air Fryer – Get All the Details 2022

Instant pot and Air fryer both have their unique usage and specialty. The most comfortable way of having a clear understanding of them will be identifying the factors that make them different from each other.  Hence, this guide will explain them individually with details so that you can form your verdict. So, let us get started. 

All About Instant Pot

Instant, in a sense, is a sophisticated version of a pressure cooker. It follows almost the same mechanism of a traditional pressure cooker possessed. So we can say it is a multifunctional electric cooking vessel that involves steam cooking once it gets heated up. In other words, when plugged in, it starts to be heated up with the current. Once heated up liquid ingredients or water inside the pot starts boiling and creates steam. 

Difference Between Instant Pot and Air Fryer 

Eventually, having no emitting point produced steam crates pressure inside and thus finish the cooking procedures. 


Instant Pots are not suitable for cooking a large amount of food.  It is ideal for cooking a regular meal for your family.

 Hence it doesn’t have so many considerable varieties in sizes.  

The range confines to 3 to 8 quart. 3 quart is reasonably suitable for cooking food estimated for 2-3 full-grown persons.

Moreover, an 8-quart pot possesses sufficient capacity to contain the food amount ideal for a whole family consists of 10-22 full-grown persons. 


Most of the inner pots are multifunctional. Different models offer different options. But what makes it unique is that the pre-programmed timer setting. 

The instant pot is best for the dishes that require slow cooking for an extended time. It allows you to finish your other job while your meal is preparing inside the pot l. 

All you have to do is to set an approximate time. Thus you will have your meal ready once you back at the dining finishing other tasks. 


The instant pot is especially for those dishes that involve water or liquids comparatively more than general.

Also, it is best for the dishes that require a prolonged time to be cooked with perfection. 

Some Instant Pot Dishes:

The instant pot is a very modern kitchen appliance. It allows you to perform an immense number of unique dishes besides the regular ones. Some Instant pot dishes are: 

  • Soup 
  • Stew 
  • Roast
  • Rice 
  • Vegetables 
  • Cakes 
  • Poultry 
  • Yogurt
  • Noodles


It allows you to cook your meal at your desired time being. Slow cocker food takes less time in the instant pot than the other cooking pots. Thus it saves your time and releases food with perfection. 

It is durable and long-lasting. Thanks for the stainless steel made interior. Heat conductivity of stainless steel is exceptionally fast, and in terms of even heating, it barely has an opponent.

Hence instant pot produces adequate temperature and cooks the food at its best. Also, instant pot cooking saves more food Nutrition as it prepares the food locking inside. 

It is efficient and does not need human monitoring. Once you put the required ingredients in it, you have played your part. Leave the rest of the job on it. 


The cooking recipes including the operating guideline may appear complex initially.  Sometimes it requires extra water in the dish to finish the cooking.

All About Air Fryer

An air fryer is a countertop convection oven that produces hot air through a heating element. This produced air later is circulated to provide a cooking temperature to cook the food. 

To keep the balance of the inner temperature, the air fryer possesses a backside exhaust. The exhaust releases the unnecessary hot air to reduce extended heat. Thus it keeps the balance of the cooking temperature to cook the food properly. 


The air fryers come in different sizes depending on the consumers’ demands. The standard sizes are: 

Small: Small-sized air fryers are confined to 1.0 to 2.0 quart. It is perfect for a single person or making snacks.

Large: Large sizes of air fryers are 3.0 to 5.30 quart. It possesses enough space for cooking food sufficient for the family consists of 2 to 5 members. 

Extra-large: Extra large sized air fryers are for bulk cooking. Families that consist of more than ten members need this one for their regular meals. Occasional dishes such as whole chicken grill, casseroles, pizzas, etc. can be performed with convenience in it. 

Extra large size confined to 6.5 to 16.0 quart.  


The air fryer is especially ideal for simulating deep frying. Dishes include less water and require oil are for the air fryer. 

It can be the best option to replace your old school frying pan. Air fryer Does not require the amount of oil you use while frying in a regular frying pan. 


As said above, the air fryer is an upgraded version of the frying pan. The very significant advantage it provides is, it fries foods less oil and faster than the regular frying pans. 

According to experts, food that is submerged into oil is marked as unhealthy for health. Since air fryer reduces the use of oil while preparing meals, it reduces health risk as well. Besides, it cooks faster than the Conventional frying pan.  

It releases food more crunchy and crispy even it is frozen items than the conventional frying pan. The tiny use of oil makes it significant indeed. 

Difference Between An Air Fryer And Instant Pot

Evaluating the above discussion, we can comfortably end up with an essential point that makes the main difference between these two sophisticated kitchen appliances.  

The point is, Instant pot functions for steam cooking whereas air fryer stimulates deep frying. Therefore, cooking items also differ due to different cooking procedures. 

Both of these are pretty affordable and efficient. Depending on their particularity, you may need them both. 

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Cleaning may appear a bit challenging. Also it is a bit loud and noisy.


We do not want to place these appliances one against rather. Instead, we prefer to figure the difference here. This is because they may have a different use, but they both can be the icing in the cake of our kitchen. 

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